SEGA Makes Up For Past Transgressions With “Yakuza 4” Bonuses

Yakuza 3 was, according to many, one of the biggest disappointments in gaming. Sure, the gameplay was solid, and it was a worthy sequel to the franchise. SEGA, notably, took out good chunks of the game to make it more accessible to Americans… a move that backfired on them immensely. Gone were some of the hostess clubs, some of the extra missions, and even things that would just fly by the average US gamer. Problem was, the average US gamer wasn’t the target audience for Yakuza: the average US gamer who loves Japan was.

This schism is going to be mended with the pending release of Yakuza 4 on the PlayStation 3. SEGA has confirmed that all copies of the game released in America will come with free DLC in the package (shown above, with the foreign box art). Gamers will get ahold of extra costumes, a survival mode, a racing mode, and a fighting mode. These are one-time use codes, which can be seen akin to the “Online Multiplayer Mode Codes” that competitor game makers have been bundling, in an attempt to defeat used game sales. Additionally, people who preorder at GameStop will receive a dynamic theme for the game.

The word of all the deleted content killed my interest in the previous title, but all the bonus deals with the new one definitely make me interested again.

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