MediaCat Stops Pursuing Alleged File Sharers

After my confession on Piracy, I came across this article from the BBC.

A company called MediaCAT, who had obtained contracts with copyright owners to allow them to peruse those that they believed, had downloaded files illegally. If MediaCAT thought you had downloaded something they would send you a letter threatening you with a one off fine or court action.

The BBC report on some interesting information, for example the revenue obtained my MediaCAT, would be split, the copyright holder those that had been “wronged” would only get 30%, the rest went to MediaCAT and the law firm it employed (ACS Law which has also stopped trading) Also when a group of people refused to pay the fine and went to court MediaCAT tried to drop the case immediately and the judge has been quoted as saying

“I want to tell you that I am not happy. I am getting the impression with every twist and turn since I started looking at these cases that there is a desire to avoid any judicial scrutiny”

During another hearing Mr Crossley (the man behind ACS Law) issued a statement that said he no longer wanted to deal with the cases because it was causing him too much “hassle”. I suspect that by “hassle” he means that it wasn’t the instant money spinner that he had hoped it would be and now wanted to leave.

I cannot stand companies like this, they are ambulance chasers for the digital age and I’m glad that people were courageous enough to stand up and defend themselves.

BBC News Sources: MediaCat Closure ACS Law

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  • Their big mistake was to “puruse” them instead of opting to “pursue” them?

  • Their big mistake was to “peruse” them instead of opting to “pursue” them?