Samurai And Dinosaurs Review (Online Graphic Novel)

Title: Samurai and Dinosaurs
Publisher: Chibi Comics
Writer: Michael Murphy
Artist: Sergio Calvet
Colors: Sergio Calvet
Letters: Sergio Calvet
Release Date: 12/19/2010
Price: $12.95 (Indy Planet or Comics Monkey)

Samurai and Dinosaurs is an online graphic novel by Platform Nation’s very own, Mike Murphy. He has teamed up with artist Sergio Calvet to spin a tale of honor, revenge, and dinosaurs. Yes, the title says it all. This is a story of a band of Samurai, united to fight an infestation of dinosaurs.

The following paragraph contains some story spoilers. Proceed with caution…

Dinosaurs have invaded the Earth via a meteor from outer space that has crash landed near the royal city of Oootoko Kakan. Daimyo Katai assembles a group of eight of the world’s best Samurai led by Ren, master swordsman and former Samurai to Katai, to put an end to the threat before it gets out of hand. Each Samurai is hand picked for their unique skill in combat. For example, one of the Samurai is a master chef and he was chosen to feed the rest of the Samurai while another was chosen because of his vast knowledge of Science and that he may help discover what has caused all of this. As they are on their way to the crash site, they are over run by raptors and other dangerous dinos. Some secrets are also revealed along the way that will make the ending twist like a Twizzler.

End of Spoilers

The story is great. There’s no other way of saying it. Mike has a unique way of weaving his tale that I really enjoyed. One of the best parts in his technique is when he introduces the characters. As stated above, each of the Samurai are hand picked for their unique skills. As the story unfolds, each Samurai is introduced through a flashback that explains their special abilities. I liked this approach and I think it helped the story flow better than if each had been introduced right off the bat. His telling is on a “need to know” basis and it works really well.

The artwork is amazing. Sergio lends his artistic skills to help bring the story to life. His characters look good, the action scenes are fun, and he adds just the right amount of detail to take the comic to the next level. His art style makes this comic, and to do anymore would ruin it’s mojo. The best part is how well the story and the art go together. They gel like Lennon and McCartney, Batman and Robin, and Samurai and Dinosaurs.

Brian’s Final Say: I enjoyed Samurai and Dinosaurs a lot. Samurai are the coolest warriors to ever walk the Earth (take that Ninja) and throwing them into a battle with Dinosaurs only sweetens the deal. If you are looking for something new and fresh to read, look no further than this graphic novel. You won’t be disappointed and it beats getting your eyed ripped out with chopsticks!

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  • Ddsmitty

    This is what comics are all about; taking something extraordinary and telling a visual story. It’s true that many comic creators seem to forget that. You can do anything, ANYTHING, in comics — you’re not restricted by a budget, only your own imagination. So, if you can do anything, why wouldn’t you?

    A big thumbs up to the creators, and I’m really looking forward to their next project.