Nikola Tesla And World Warriors Hit On Demand

Capcom’s doing their part for the snowed-in gamers across the country. If you can’t make it out to the game store, but wants something new to play, they’ve got you covered. Assuming you’ve missed out on Capcom’s last big fighting game, alongside the adventures of a guy with Nikola Tesla’s jetpack, then you’re in luck, as both titles have hit Xbox Live’s Games On Demand service. Super Street Fighter IV runs $29.99, and Dark Void runs $19.99, Capcom announced.

Both games have seen their days on the store shelves. Super Street Fighter IV, the upgraded version of Street Fighter IV, has itself seen upgrades in the arcades. Dark Void garnered mixed reviews and went bargain priced rather quickly, but gained praise for it’s 8-bit iteration, Dark Void Zero. A game where you fly around on a jetpack built by Nikola Tesla should have been a major seller. Super Street Fighter IV, meanwhile, helped pave the path for Marvel VS. Capcom 3, cementing that 2D gameplay with 3D graphics was a viable gameplay style.

I’ve got Super Street Fighter IV and Dark Void Zero, but have been meaning to pick up the full Dark Void game. It can be found cheaper though, and I’d rather have a physical release, but hey, someone will download it.

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