Activision Pulls Plug On Guitar Hero And True Crime

Activision has officially announced the cancellation of the Guitar Hero Franchise yesterday as well as the cancellation of True Crime: Hong Kong.

“Due to continued declines in the music genre, the company will disband Activision Publishing’s Guitar Hero business unit and discontinue development on its Guitar Hero game for 2011,” Activision said in its financial statement. The statement goes on to confirm the cancellation of True Crime. “The company also will stop development on True Crime: Hong Kong. These decisions are based on the desire to focus on the greatest opportunities that the company currently has to create the world’s best interactive entertainment experiences.”

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has stated that Activision “cannot make these games profitably based on current economics and demand.” Hirshberg also added that True Crime “wasn’t going to lead to a title at or near the top of the competitive open-world genre. To be blunt, it just wasn’t going to be good enough.”

This is probably disappointing for several of you out there, but then again it’s no surprise that Guitar Hero is being ended. Ever since the Rock Band franchise started it was outselling Guitar Hero and at a point Guitar Hero started copying Rock Band anyway so it seems it’s for the best. As for True Crime: Hong Kong I don’t know how many of you out there are disappointed, but the other two games in that series didn’t sell well so it was without a doubt one of Activision’s smarter moves.

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  • Now Activision can focus on Call of Duty. Honestly, there really wasn’t anywhere for the Guitar Hero franchise to go. I personally liked some of the single band games. Metallica was awesome. Guess we’ll never get GH Led Zeppelin.