Captain Puzzle Review (iOS)

Game Review: Captain Puzzle
Release: February 1st 2011
Developer: Spearhead Games
MSRP: $0.99
Rating: (Age)
Version: 1.1
Size: 14.4 MB
Website: Spearhead
Working your way through a match 3 puzzle game to retrieve stolen stars before it’s too late. Villains have invaded the star powered metropolis, and its inhabitants are in dire need of your help as you control Captain Puzzle. Captain Puzzle is the only one that can stop the mischievous thieves before it is too late, your goal is to with all your powers stop them now or face imminent doom!

You as captain puzzle have a color coded arsenal of specially designed bombs meant to blast your way through the multi-colored evildoers. If your aim is not directly on it can have deadly consequences run out of colored balls and captain puzzle will fall to the evil doers! Careful how close the power balls get to you as you can get trapped against your will. Finger guide your way to exactly the right spot to line up the perfect shots.

Certain levels require more skill or movement sometimes the walls will become your greatest side kick. Shoot a colored bomb so others fall and make matches to delete the evil off of the puzzle. Make sure to get the matches before the star fades certain stars only have a few shots before they disappear. Watch your shots line them up just right and soon you will be on track to save the town yet again.


– Social Network Sharing
– 50 levels
-Leader boards
I would have liked to see a comic book style story behind the game. You are this awesome super hero fighting for the good of beating a puzzle. Maybe with the addition of a back story we could know what is going on in our characters head. I would have loved to see panels as you beat a level or at the end of a stage it would have made the game that much better. Also sometimes, hitting the refresh button on the screen became a pain as a ball was blocking it or you actually just couldn’t hit it just right.
Captain Puzzle took my idea of the same old boring match 3 puzzle and turned it on its head. Puzzles had a challenge but were not so hard that the game got to the point you did not want to play. Many times I found myself wanting to go back just to make sure I had 3 stars on a certain level. You will find this to be one of the many games you might consider keeping on your ipod just to replay certain levels.

Any Puzzle fans should Buy

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