New Composer For Mass Effect 3

It has been announced that Mass Effect composer Jack Wall will not be completing the trilogy and that a replacement for Mass Effect 3 has already been found. Taking the helm for the final part is Clint Mansell. You may not know his name, I’ll be honest I didn’t but he does have a good track record according to IMDB

I’m torn with this news, I love every aspect of the Mass Effect franchise including the soundtrack. Part of me is concerned that Mansell will either be forced to or will create an entirely new sound for the universe rather than build on what Wall has already created(I had to restrain myself from making a pun about building on Walls)  On the other-hand, getting such a high profile composer shows that that Bioware are taking Mass Effect seriously and haven’t just hired an unknown composer who was cheap.

On a positive note, it seems to be an amicable split between Wall and Bioware which is good as I would hate to see Mass Effect 3 tarnished with negativity between the two.

I have faith in Bioware so I will reserve my final judgement until I have seen(and heard) more.

  • You need to get out more if you’d never heard of Clint Mansell.

  • He did the music for “Black Swan” in the theaters now, and “The Wrestler” a few years ago. One of his older pieces was used for the trailers for “Da Vince Code” and “LOTR: The Two Towers.” British guy, so only the music geeks know him in America. He’s good at dark, epic stuff.

    He’s the real deal. Great hire.