Gaming Confessions: Escapism

First a disclaimer; I had planned a Valentines Day special here but this has already been done by the weekly Stir. So this week’s confession is something different and has been inspired by recent events in my family life.

Have you ever spent hours doing something but can’t remember anything you’ve done?  Have you ever found yourself running on autopilot or staring into something and/or nothing? I have. For the last week I have immersed myself in games and TV shows but can’t remember much about any of them.

The reason for the sudden retreat from reality is a death in the family, faced with difficult times I often turn to these things as a means to escape. Don’t worry I’m not at the stage where I have difficulties separating reality from fiction, these things are simply my comfort zone. We all have comfort zones, it may be food or drink perhaps reading or music. I am just glad that I have such a plethora of places to escape to

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  • Brian Heitzenrater (FrehleyzComet)

    Sorry to hear about your loss, Stewart. I understand exactly what you are talking about. I’ve been through the same things. Don’t worry though, it will pass and you will be back to your old self. Time will heal all wounds. =)