iPad 2 Rumors

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple has started production of the iPad 2. Several improvements are in order: more memory and a more powerful graphics card, thinner and lighter than the first model, and at least one camera on the front for video conferencing.

As a current iPad owner, the only thing that excites me is the front camera. The existing memory, graphics card, and resolution are all more than sufficient for any game I want to play; in fact, I would label the graphics “pretty” depending on how ambitious the developer is.

The question is, “Am I going to buy the iPad 2 in a few months?” Every console gamer struggles with this same question every generation. Will the successor to the PS3 and Xbox 360 be worth their respective purchase prices?

For me, the answer is “no.” I don’t see the $500 (minimum) price tag adding enough utility for me to say otherwise. In addition, Apple has not decreased the price of the current iPad since its launch. That means I shouldn’t expect the iPad to be cheaper than its launch price any time soon.

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  • For me the answer is yes. I really just want a new front facing camera on mine but I’ll be taking my older iPad and setting it up for my daughter to be her personal media device where she will be able to watch her Mickey Mouse, Go Diego Go and all those others.

  • I usually do not purchase first generation products from any developer, being electronics, cars, or appliances. Being an avid Mac user, I have been waiting for the iPad 2 since the launch of of the iPad. As we all have probably read already, the second generation iPad is rumored to have a dual core processor. Owners of the new device will enjoy OS updates for at least three years unlike first generation devices that will be deemed obsolete within 12 months once the iPad 3 is announced.

  • I will be buying 2 at least one for the wife and one for me. I can’t wait!

  • Dylan

    I’m like Jose. I rarely ever by first generation products, especially when I can anticipate an upgrade in the relatively near future. I’m quite curious as to just what the iPad 2 will be. Cameras will be nice, and honestly expected. The memory is the biggest issue with me. My music library alone is about 75 GB, so it would be nice if I could actually store my entire library on a one. It’s pretty hard for me to accept the iPad as a cross between a phone and a PC with the currently small storage capacity that’s in par with their iPods (and less than par in the case of the iPod Classic). Assuming prices wouldn’t change, duel cores would also be very nice which is good for far mor than games. More processing power means more computing possibilities which means more powerful and/or reliable apps.

  • Dylan, you do NOT need 75GB worth of music on every single portable device you have. It’s a pathetic mentality…

  • Well, whether you have existing iPad or not and whether you are going to get iPad 2 is all about individual preferences 🙂

  • Dylan you’re regressive in thinking. Apple is moving to a cloud storage system so hardware storage will be less relevant in their future.

  • The Graphics Processing Unit in the iPad is the same as the one in the iPhone 3GS. However you have over 5 times as many pixels to address and an even larger expanse of screen. Depending on the game, developers do have to cut corners to get their games on to the iPad. A new GPU will be a most welcome addition.

  • unless, of course, Dylan is going somewhere where there is no internet access…or any other number of reasons he may want to maintain control of his music collection. Regardless, he shouldn’t be chastized because of the way he wants to manage the data he owns or how is chooses to use a device he owns. That’s personal preference and nobody else’s business.

  • OMG…i have also been waiting for the IPAD 2 since the launch of the IPAD…but i have to admit my fingers are starting to itch and im getting tired of waiting…When is it going to come out already???

  • I am looking at buying my first IPAD. I don’t really care about the camera, but would use it for online reading and books, etc. Should I wait for the 2, or see if I can get the current version cheap? Thanks

    • John McMahon (VastManatee)

      I can tell you that the current version will NOT drop in price AT LEAST until the 2nd generation has been released, or impending release. With current iPads selling like hotcakes, there is no incentive to suffer a price reduction unless it is to clear shelf space for the iPad 2.

      Many experts predict the iPad 2 release will occur in “Spring 2011,” whatever that means. I would guess Q2 of this year (April-June).

      • Would you expect a vast difference between the two IPADS (1 or 2) considering my “old man” use of it? It’s not like this is my main computer or something- I just have a feeling that once the new version comes out, I can get a version 1 cheaper. I just don’t want to be WAY out of the curve…

        • John McMahon (VastManatee)

          I use it mostly as a gaming device; as such, I put a lot of stress on the RAM and GPU. The iPad 2 will be a noticeable improvement over this.

          For online surfing, it will still utilize 3G for non-wifi areas. You will probably only notice increased surfing speeds and loading performance if you like to have many pages open at once.

          As I opined in the post, the current iPad probably won’t get cheaper until the iPad 2 comes out. I expect Apple to milk the current generation for every penny.

  • I’m really into my photography and am quite excited about the photoshop apps and resolution of the original ipad but I’m stuck at a bit of a cross roads.

    I often find myself out on jobs in remote areas for what can be days and imagine this is where the ipads battery life would surpass that of a laptop (not to mention the weight considering I’m flying by helicopter).
    Question is should I wait for ipad 2s release or do you think there are better tablets out there better suited for battery life and larger memory I should maybe be looking at?

    P.S I’m with you Dylan shooting RAW images I need a lot of room to store and work with them plus I can’t go anywhere without my extensive music library.

    • UPandABOUT you should get a macbook air, the ipad is just an ipod touch or a cell phone you can’t expect it to process raw files.

  • Am I going to buy the i Pad2 in a few months