Indie Spotlight: The Rockin’ Dead

bitComposer Games has announced a new innovative adventure game for the PC. The Rockin’ Dead is a point-and-click adventure type game, and will be the first to showcase 3D Optic technology. Players can choose to approach the game with the traditional 2D view, or utilize the 3D glasses supplied with the game for a more engaging and visceral experience.

The main narrative mimics that of a B-type movie, and is described as “both kooky and fun”. You take on the role as Alyssa, who is a member of an all girl heavy metal band called “Deadly Lullabies”. The story begins when the girls embark on a road trip after receiving an invite to play a gig, but end up  in an unfortunate car accident in the middle of nowhere. When Alyssa comes to, she finds that her friends, along with all their band equipment, have vanished. The player must help Alyssa find her friends and uncover the mystery in a bizarre environment full of quirky undead, rockin’ skeletons, and other peculiar beings.

According to the game’s official site, key features include 93 unique locations, over 120 inventory items, exciting riddles that require skillful thinking, and more than 20 professionally voiced NPCs that capture the humor, charm, and delightful silliness of the game. The Rockin’ Dead is being developed by Grasland Production and is scheduled for release some time this spring.

bitComposer Games is an independent publishing company out of Eschborn, Germany. The company focuses on the international marketing of promising software for PC, console, and handheld platforms. Some of their more renown titles include S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Beat Your Host for the Nintendo Wii

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