Torchlight 2 Delayed By Torchlight

Although console gamers may be excited to [finally] get their hands on Torchlight, the XBLA release is causing a minor upset among the PC crowd; thanks to the extra time spent developing a 360 version of the original, Torchlight 2 is getting delayed.

Originally scheduled for a Spring release, Runic’s Max Schaefer recently revealed that the dungeon crawler sequel won’t be hitting PCs until July.

I’d say that the Xbox project, having to do the extra work with the interface, has pushed us back a little bit, so we’re probably talking July right now for Torchlight II.

On the plus side, the XBLA development of Torchlight will ultimately improve the final version of Torchlight 2.

We’ve actually got some optimizations and technical improvements that went into making the Xbox version that we’ve been able to go back and implement into Torchlight II for PC.

Torchlight hits XBLA on March 9th for the low low price of 1200 Microsoft points.

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