Everquest Progression Server Launches Today

Perhaps you’re a new generation gamer who never had the chance to partake in the joys of Everquest. Perhaps you are a long-time MMORPG addict whose glory days died in the early 2000s. Whatever your background may be, your attention should be set on Sony Online Entertainment’s latest Everquest Server – the Fippy Darkpaw Progression Server. SOE decided to revert most of Everquest’s systems back to 1999 on this specific server and are encouraging players to re-live the “good old days” before even the Ruins of Kanark were revealed or the Planes of Power arose.

The biggest question people have is how the server will progress. SOE responds to such an issue on their FAQ:

As with the previous progression servers, players will need to defeat certain challenges to unlock newer expansions. Once these challenges have been defeated there will be a grace period where the server will stay in the current expansion. After the grace period, players will be able to vote through an in game poll to unlock the next expansion. The voting period will be one week.

Initially the grace period will be 90 days before voting will start for Kunark, then 60 days for each expansion after that. At some point we will even have a vote to see if players wish to change that grace period.

If the majority of players vote to unlock the next expansion, the next expansion will unlock at the end of the poll. If the majority of players voted to stay with the current expansion, then there will be a one week grace period before another poll will be posted. This will happen until a majority players vote to unlock the next expansion.

This seems like a great way for veterans to enjoy some old content and new players to enjoy. What are your thoughts on progression servers? Should other large-scale games like World of Warcraft feature this? It does seem like a deterrent from privately-run servers.

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  • I don’t think other games would have the same result with running a progression server nearly close to what everquest is having. The day of the launch on the server tthings were so overwhelmed they opened another progression server just to handle the load! This isn’t because it is the most popular game anymore, its because the game has been going for SO long and has SO many expansions. There is no other game that has had as much change in it as everquest has. So as much as I am excited. And hopeful for the server to go with the intended coarse I don’t see games like WoW or dark age of camelot having enough “juice” for the effort involved in setting up a server like this.

  • I loved this game most up to and through Kunark.. after that, it started to lose that magic it had for me.

    Bring on the 45 minute boat ride.. I loved that the most. Not being sarcastic either, I thought it gave a sense of scale to the world.

  • The server was maximum capacity since it opened at 1PM EST (10AM PST) when the server went live. I was able to get some names I wanted; i got to lvl 3 then accidently exited out my game windows (bad chioce). Took about 20-30mins per account of hammering the connect server to get a spot.

    They opened up the second server later in the night and the capacity problems were solved. I think they eventually the servers will be merged once the influx of players with free accounts as well as other players who decide to quit leave the server.

    All and all, I haven’t EVER EVER EVER seen commonlands with 500+ people, 200 of them being monks/clerics. 😉