Atlus Sweetens Their Divinity II Pre-order Deal

I just received an email from Atlus announcing that they just sweetened their pre-order deal of the upcoming rpg, Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga. Before today, you were only getting the Official Soundtrack (which of course is good anyway), but now you will also snag a 52 page, hardback, art book. Now get this, it’s only $39.99!! It’s hard to find better value than this in today’s recovering economy. The book is full color and will feature “the many stunning vistas, interesting characters, terrifying monsters, and unique sights to be found in the realm of Rivellon”. The artists will also have comments aplenty about their artwork.

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga is the full Divinity II Saga which is comprised of Ego Draconis, and the expansion, Flames of Vengeance. Ego Draconis was previously released for the 360, but was met with a lukewarm response. Part of the problem was the game had more bugs than a windshield on a warm summer’s night, and they were very annoying. Freezing was a huge issue and just not acceptable. Hopefully though with this new release, Atlus will have nipped this in the bud. As for Flames of Vengeance, it was never released on the 360 (that I can find anyway) but did come out on the pc, so that should be new territory for us 360 owners.

I, for one, am excited about this upcoming release. I love a good rpg and Divinity II: TDKS has the potential to be a stellar one. Let’s just hope that Atlus puts the right amount of polish in the right spots, because getting 100+ hours of gameplay, the official soundtrack, and the 52 page artbook all for $39.99 is a steal.

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga is unleashed upon the gaming community on April 12th. You can show your support for your favorite video gaming website by pre-ordering your copy today from Platform Nation’s Amazon Store.

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