Iron Patriot And Steve Rogers Lead “Marvel Vs. Capcom 3” DLC Costumes

So, if you’re a fighting gamer, you’re either already playing Marvel VS. Capcom 3, waiting for work to end to go buy it, or at home waiting on it to be delivered. I’m sure you know of how players who get the Special Edition have early access to Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath. There’s also the Shadow Mode DLC that lets you fight notable players and producers. Capcom, on launch day, has announced that DLC costumes will be available on March 1st. The first pack will run 400 MS Points and $5 on the PSN. The costumes can be seen in action at the end of this trailer.

Included updates are Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Dante, Chris Redfield, and Ryu. Iron Man now is Norman Osborn under his guise as the Iron Patriot. Captain America is still Steve Rogers, but he no longer goes by that name. Instead, he’s just Steve Rogers: Super Soldier. He has his original shield to boot, despite the fact he’s running around with his holographic shield nowadays. Thor goes back to his original outfit for this match. Chris Redfield returns to his original STARS duds, while Ryu goes red-headed and slippered, echoing the original Street Fighter. Finally, Dante takes on the guise of Sparda.

I’m just waiting on my copy to arrive.

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