Killzone 3 Leak Is Good For Gaming

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, this article is not supporting software piracy in any shape or form but the two high profile leaks in recent days have both been very significant for reasons that may not be immediately obvious. While Crysis 2 leak was completely negative, the leak of Killzone 3 however is actually positive from a gamers point of view.

Let’s start with Crysis 2 which is potentially the game that will define PC gaming for the next few years. According to previews, hand-ons and general press release information from Crytek, the PC version of Crysis 2 is due to take full advantage of the power of a gaming PC. Working on the assumption that a gaming PC will have components released in the last year, when you compare that to the 5 year old technology of an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 then the logical conclusion will be that Crysis 2 on a PC should blow either of the consoles out of the water in terms of graphics and possibly sound. Opponents to this sort of logic tend to fall back on the age old argument that good graphics does not equal a good game, but with my argument, I am simply concentrating on a single game, Crysis 2, so we are dealing with the same story, same gameplay, in fact the core elements should all be the same.

With this in mind, PC gamers hung their head in shame when the news broke that a near final version of Crysis 2 had been leaked onto torrent sites and anyone with basic internet knowledge could get hold of the game. The internet was once again sharpening its knives and queuing up to put the final nail in the coffin of PC gaming. Some critics were claiming that this was the first sign that if there is a Crysis 3, that it would not be developed for PCs due to the widespread piracy.

Getting back to the subject of this article, where does Killzone 3 and the leak of the final version come into the picture?

Just a few days after Crysis 2 was leaked and many articles were being composed to herald the death (yet again) of PC gaming, the shocking news that Killzone 3 could also be grabbed from torrent sites broke. So here was a high profile Sony PS3 exclusive out in the wild before the release date. Suddenly the PC was not the outcast anymore, here was a flagship game that was not on the PC which anyone with the knowledge of torrent sites and the hardware to burn to a disc would be able to play.

The PC is being held back by this generation of consoles and if Crysis 2 had been leaked in isolation you can beat your bottom dollar that gaming writers would have been referring back to Cliff Belinski’s comments from September, 2008 when he claimed that Gears of War 2 was not developed for the PC as it would simply be pirated. Why on earth would you invest time and money into developing a game for a system which would see a large proportion of gamers just illegally downloading it instead of paying for it? Since this was now possible on the PlayStation3 this argument does not stand up anymore.

No one likes to see years of work suddenly appear online and in the short term the leaks of Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 are definitely negative and will more than likely affect their respective game sales. In the long term however, the leak of Killzone 3 could have saved PC gaming and ultimately gaming as more competition on different platforms is always good. Thankfully now, the PC can continue to push the envelope in terms of graphics and challenge consoles to continue to improve and develop.

In conclusion, the leak of Killzone 3 has been good for gaming.

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  • You do not burn PS3 games to a disc. You put it on the PS3 Internal or an External Hard Drive. RESEARCH B4 POST! LOL!

    • Maybe you do because you have no ethics or values. It’s people like you that caused game pricing to be $60 rather than $50 this generation and why games went from $40 to $50 last generation.

      Thanks DICK!

  • Bob

    It wasn’t good for gaming. PC gaming’s dying on its feet, this won’t change that. Only thing PC will still have will be MMOs which are overly-played; World Of Warcraft anyone?
    PC gamers are the ones who give gamers the nerdy steriotype look. The sad people who play WoW 20 hours a day.

    • Joe

      What in god’s name are you blabbering about?

      Piracy has nothing to do with why console gaming is a huge market and PC gaming is a small market.

      The fact is, nobody fucking *has* gaming PCs because they are expensive. Everyone has consoles because they are subsidized by the console makers – actually *sold for less than the cost of manufacture*.

      All this other shit is FUD.

      • Sadly this excuse is running dry as well. Gaming computers have become cheaper, even if their prebuilts. Hell, you can get a 500$ laptop that plays games perfectly fine now on medium to high settings. You may argue that, “Oh, 500$, because that’s real cheap.” Well it is, seeing as most people actually own or want to own a laptop, so why not go for one with a bit of extra gaming performance and that can attach to a larger TV gaming experience?
        When the next generation of consoles are released, what’s the estimated cost? Somewhere’s around 400-500$ unless they actually use the highest end hardware, where they would be forced to sell and lose 200$ per sale in order to attract the console gaming community.

        As to Bob, PC gaming seems to be gaining some leverage once more with titles like Homefront, Shogun 2, Witcher 2, Diablo 3, Battlefield 3, Brink, and a number of other games. These aren’t just games that feature the latest pc features such as dx11, 3D surround, eyefinity, physx; but dedicated servers, exclusives for pc, extra player slots, console commands, camera perspectives, Admin commands and monitoring, with the possibility for custom mapping and other user created material. I don’t know, 2011 looks to be releasing good games for every platform where the PC isn’t looked lastly.

      • PC Gaming is far bigger than all the other consoles combined. If developers started to pull out of the PC gaming market becasue they are scared of piracy then it will negatively affect console game sales.

    • Don’t try to justify your geeky habit. One gamer is not less nerdy than another. For the record, I am an avid gamer, both console & PC. Geek on!

  • Useless Post Much

  • Article fail

    Yeah this is good for gaming like Limewire is good for the music industry. Oh wait..

  • I’m not even sure what to make of this mess of an article. It fails on so many levels.

  • This is a weak justification at very best.Piracy has been possible on the Xbox 360 and Wii for years. Killzone 3 leaking does _nothing_ good for gaming. All it means is that even more security measures will be put in place, that hackers will simply crack, but that us normal users have to live with.

    DRM is one example that comes to mind. That’s how good piracy is for gaming.

  • NIT

    What utter garbage. How is killzone 3 being leaked good for gaming? Well if putting up with even more firmware updates, increase patches and stricter DRM is a good thing then yes, by all means it’s a good thing.

  • crytek really wont have to worry about losing sales for crysis 2, ive played the leaked version and its just a near finish beta testing version with bugs and crashes galore. its basically just a giant demo of the finished version.

  • This article is terrible. The leak of Killzone 3 will have no effect on PC gaming whatsoever, high profile 360 games such as Halo and Gears games have all been pirated and leaked early in recent years. The difference is, anyone with a PC can easily download a pirated game and play it. Console owners will either have to get their console modded or install custom firmware, the vast majority of them probably don’t even know you can do this or don’t want to do it in fear of breaking their console / voiding warranty / being banned from online gaming etc.

    The number of people pirating games such as Crysis 2 on PC will be far greater than any console games that are pirated.

  • I don’t understand how the leak of killzone 3 is good for PC gaming. Please someone else explain.

    • The author believes that Crytek and other developer’s won’t try and throw the, “Game’s on PC are the only threat to our sales, so we should switch to console releases only.” Simply because of Killzone 3 being a console exclusive for the PS3 and still being a legit full release for the game before the official release.

      • precisely! Out of all the comments and feed back I have received, you are the only pereson who has grasped my point.

        It was not a pro-piracy article.

  • I don’t necessarily think PC gaming is dying after the Battlefield 3 news (PC is the lead platform if you dont know)

  • Wow seems like you are a HUGE supporter of piracy, this is a pathetic excuse to justify being a pirate (Sounds kinda like “I’m not a racist but…”).
    How many console titles are available on PC not to mention games that are on PC and not the console.
    BUT now because PC owners can say, oh but you can pirate games on console, it’s the single justification that allows thieves to rob hard working employees of their lively hood and causes prices to escalate for honest true gamers. There is nothing good about piracy.

    • Actually, it’s the fact that developers and publishers should realize that people will pirate no matter what they use. It’s not forced down to just the pc version of games, but console exclusives as well.
      In the case of Crysis 2, Crytek wasn’t assaulted by piraters. An employee himself managed to leak the beta out and there’s no one to blame but themselves.
      He never said piracy was good, never supported it either. Just simply backing up the fact that ‘piracy’ is not only on the PC but consoles as well and a publisher shouldn’t put the PC onto blame as to why they release a game for consoles.

  • The issue of piracy and Crysis 2 is not the same as piracy and Killzone 3. Piracy is rampant amongst PC gamers because they can download VPN services such as Hamachi and Tungle to get even the MP good-ness of the games they illegally download ( because – SP isn’t everything, UNLESS you’re talking RPG games ).

    Not possible on the PS3, because Sony can ban your console permanently if they find out that you’ve jailbroken your PS3 ( which you have to, in case you want to illegally download games via torrents and play ’em ).

    • Of course, you can play multiplayer on the same said console or through lan. Another feature of Killzone 3 is having bots, where most games take that out and force you to play against a human player.

  • Killzone 3 leakege wouldnt do much good for pc gaming. PS3 piracy is different than pc piracy. On PS3 you can only play single player pirated games. If you want to play online you have to log on to psn and if you do that your console gets banned. So there is no way to fully enjoy pirated game on ps3 if you dont own original copy.
    Personally I think that Killzone 3 game will attract more pc gamers to ps3 because of its new controlling options. We all know how pc gamers hate stick controllers in console fps games. But now PS Move is here and it is much easier to play fps games with that.
    Also, you should do more research before writing articles.

  • So sad to see all these comments with no-one aspiring to superior graphics and physics. Must technology stand still? There was a time not so long ago when people got excited about ever superior graphics. I cannot understand how any gamer can get excited over 5 year old console technology!!!
    We should have seen 2 further generations of consoles by now. I suggest that the fear of piracy is simply making developers wary of pushing the boundaries. I hope Crysis 2 is written well enough to cater for all levels. This is of course perfectly achievable.. Those who indulge in piracy will only serve to kill off the whole industry in the end..