Special Edition Twilight Princess Gamecube Controller Discovered

It was pretty much agreed that Twilight Princess was superior on Nintendo’s newest console when the game released in late 2006. Not only for the motion-aiming control and (slightly) better graphics than the now old-generation Gamecube, but the simple novelty of swinging the Wii remote to attack was pretty much every Link fan’s wet dream. Now we learn from the dusty Nintendo archives that the fact that the game appeared on both systems killed off the release of this super-amazing-awesome-mind-blowing special edition Gamecube controller for the Zelda franchise. Would I have still gotten it even though I did not even own the game on Gamecube…or, for that matter, a Gamecube at all? Yes. Yes, a million times, yes.

via My Nintendo News and Gamerzines

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  • I’m just going to post here so that you know this article is appreciated. 🙂

  • Ryu

    I never did like the Wii any more than GameCube. I don’t like all the motion gaming mania. Classic button mashing is the best way to game IMO.

  • Vintage_game_collector

    that is the sickest controller ever..any chance i can win one lol

  • SONIC456


  • SONIC456

    I WANT ITSO BAD I AM GOING TO STAEL IT i can not help it!