World Snooker Championship Real 2011 Details and Screens

Ronnie O’Sullivan is the face of World Snooker Championship Real 2011 and Koch Media have today sent us some awesome new screens for WSC 2011.  Snooker may not be the most exciting sport in the world but no-one can deny the skill involved and the pressure that the players are under when they line up their next pot.  WSC 2011 will bring that experience into your living room and comes with some exciting features including online play and slo-mo replays.

The official game of snooker is currently being developed and published by Dark Energy Sports for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, with a planned release during Q2 2011.

Featuring real players, real venues and real tournaments, WSC Real 2011 also brings gamers closer to the green baize than ever before, with the latest iteration including full online multiplayer so that snooker fans can compete against one another around the globe.

WSC Real 2011 allows virtual snooker players to manipulate time and re-live their best (and worst) shots with an enhanced super slow-mo rewind system. Players can replay the action of any shot and any frame from any camera angle: fast forward, rewind, and even retake shots.


  • All the official tournaments of the 2010/11 snooker seasons.
  • All the top players from the 2010/11 seasons.
  • Play against snooker fans from around the world using online play.
  • Spectacular new graphics and lighting system.
  • Rewind time and replay shots from any angle, over and over again.
  • All new dynamic challenge mode to really test your skills.

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    can you list the players please thx