Capcom Store Owns Up To “Marvel VS. Capcom 3” Delay

Marvel VS. Capcom 3 streeted only two days ago. With Special Editions getting hard to find in stores, many players are stuck with getting the regular edition. If you were smart, you pre-ordered it somewhere. Many players took advantage of the Capcom Store deal, which came with a free “Waste Of Flesh” t-shirt, alongside an easily-found 10% off coupon and free launch-day shipping.

Now, if you got the launch-day shipment, it was a good deal. Capcom has announced, sadly, that 17% of orders hadn’t made the window they promised. While 83% of the shipments had no problems, the rest did, apparently out of Capcom’s control. Gamers (alongside this one) are reporting that their games are still in Indiana, despite having shipped days ago. With a database of who’s been affected, Capcom has promised that they are

are working on some fantastic ideas to help compensate the customers whose orders were affected by this shipping incident. The details of this will be revealed soon, but know that it will be something worthwhile.

Could it be a coupon code? A free game? Bonus shirts? Nobody knows, but many gamers will just be happy to have this game. They waited over a decade… they can wait a week.

Ironically, despite my copy still being in Indiana, I’ve gotten over 50% of the achievements. I ordered a copy from Amazon and a copy from GameStop, thanks to various deals.

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