Meet, The Gamerator!

Meet, The Gamerator! A place where beer and games go hand in hand.

The Gamerator is an arcade unit that has a 26 inch HDTV, contains over 100 classic arcade games… AND a built in refrigerator to hold a standard keg of beer inside. Awesome! Check out the full features below.

  • A refrigerated interior capable of holding a standard pony keg of domestic beer (international options also available)
  • A 26 inch flat-panel HDTV
  • Two conveniently-placed cup holders to house your beverage while playing
  • Professional, hand-built craftsmanship with each unit built to order for your specific needs
  • A Windows XP operating system, allowing for the addition of virtually any program or application
  • All Gamerators now come standard with a trackball system as well as the dual joystick setup.

I must admit, I would love one of these but, it retails for $3,499. Just a *little* bit out of my budget. Ok, a good bit out of my budget.

Have $3,499 just lying around? Head over to and treat yourself. If you can’t afford it, like me, feast your eyes on this beauty in the screens below.

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