YouTube Seeks Game Developers For Console Based TV App

With all the layoffs in the gaming industry combined with the drive to bring a TV experience to gaming consoles – it’s only natural that YouTube would want to get in on the action.  In an ad seeking developers, Google and YouTube are making their move, again.

Based on the ad they are looking to invade the Xbox 360, PS3 as well as the Wii.  While YouTube XL is a browser based interface already available from YouTube, and Google TV requires an appliance – this clearly steers them in the direction of an app instead.  This is directly from the ad describing what they are aiming to build.

  • Build the next generation game-console-based TV experience with You Tube video content.
  • Deliver a compelling lean back experience with monetization and e-commerce offerings (ie, pay-per-stream, ads).
  • Integrate and optimize with distribution channels and devices including all major game platforms.
  • Develop leading edge User Interfaces and delight users with innovative media rich solutions.

So – Do you see YouTube TV in your future or is this an expansion of Google TV onto gaming platforms?  It sounds to me like Google TV will be coming to my gaming console to complete with Hulu in the near future.

Source: Joystiq / Google

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