Diablo III – Still Hope For Consoles

Blizzard, makers of Diablo III, have posted a job listing for a “Senior Producer For Consoles” for the Diablo III team. CEO Mike Morhaime stirred the console pot at DICE last week stating that Blizzard was actively investigating a console version of Diablo 3.

“I think you could make an argument that a game like Diablo might play very well on a console .  It’s something that we’re actually doing an investigation into to see if that could make sense.”
– Mike Morhaime CEO Blizzard Entertainment

With TorchLight hitting Xbox 360 in the coming weeks, it seems the folks at Blizzard are finally convinced that Diablo will work on a console.  Torchlight is often compared to Diablo and was developed by former Diablo team members.  I hope the Torchlight folks at least get an ‘at-a-boy pat on the back for paving the way with their proof of concept.  If TorchLight is successful on the console platform(s) – there will be little doubt that Diablo III will follow.

Source: G4TV – The FEED

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  • I may be crazy but, I have NO desire to play Diablo 3 on a console… I hated the Diablo 1 console tranfer and, it just seems wrong somehow. I’m surrently playing Torchlight on PC. I love my xbox 360 but, I’d rather play Diablo the way I’m used to…