Free Movies On The PlayStation Network

Appartently Toyota Highlander has parnered up with with Sony as they are doing a special deal where you can get several movies for free in the video store on PSN. Joystiq has all the details, here is the important stuff below from them:

Just look for the Toyota Highlander ad to appear in the Video section of the Store. Or, click “Featured Collections” to find the promotion. What will you be able to download? Here’s the schedule:

  • Now until February 21: The Da Vinci Code
  • Week of February 22: Big Daddy
  • Week of March 1: Ghost Rider
  • Week of March 8: Stranger Than Fiction

Not bad movies at all, especially for the low price of FREE! With Naughty Dog’s triple cash weekend and now this, my PlayStation 3 will be working some overtime this weekend.

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  • What a great deal! Anything that is free is usually good but these are actually decent movies and I have not seen all 4 of them yet

  • can’t find that ad here in Canuckville, why isn’t it offered to Canada?