New Details On StreetPass Games For 3DS

According to the Nintendo 3DS Blog, one lucky bastard has got his hands on a retail unit of Nintendo’s newest handheld. His time with the system has shed light on the workings of the StreetPass system, which links up multiple 3DS’s when they pass near each other on the street. The games, StreetPass Quest and StreetPass Puzzle sound like amusing little distractions and could be really interesting uses of the system’s tech. But I’m still more interested in the software side of StreetPass, like passing high scores over in Street Fighter or listing items for sale in Animal Crossing, for instance, but these little games (Quest, especially) sounds like they could have some potential. Of course, since he is the only person with a 3DS in the wild at the moment, most of these functions ended up being a limited experience for him, but he details the basics of the experiences with both games here:

StreetPass Quest begins with your Mii trapped in a tower. To escape, you must use Miis you have collected via StreetPass and battle increasingly powerful enemies in turn-based combat. If you haven’t collected any Miis then you’re able to purchase a cat in armour to act as a substitute. You purchase this cat with two game coins, which have been previously detailed. The cat has two attack options: sword and magic.

Richard guesstimated that there were about 16-32 different levels you could work your way through and you’ll need to battle with each enemy about 2-3 times to match their power. You can fight your way through the game with up to three Miis at a time. Failed attempts at rescuing your Mii from the tower are met with details about enemies you have defeated and the remaining health of enemies who you’ve tried to take on but failed to take down, so it sounds like this quest will require an investment over time, rather than just a single sitting.

The goal of StreetPass Puzzle is to construct a 3D puzzle. But to complete this puzzle you need to collect pieces by interacting with other folks via StreetPass. The more people you interact with, the more puzzle pieces you gain until you can finally complete the puzzle. Richard was unable to test this game out fully however as it does rely on StreetPass interaction which he lacked.

via Nintendo 3DS Blog

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