Amazon Gold Box Deals For Gamers All Day Wednesday Feb 23, 2011

A few times a year the good folks at Amazon offer up some great savings for us gamers.  This coming Wednesday, Amazon is filling their Daily Gold Box with video game deals.  While the details will not be available until sometime on Tuesday, the deals begin at midnight Pacific Time and will continue all day Wednesday.

For those unfamiliar with Amazon’s Gold Box Deals, it works like this.  Each deal will have a specific starting time and a specified duration; most are an hour long, some are longer.  The deal continues until the time is up or they are out of the product being offered.  A list of clues and starting times for each item is released at the beginning of the day.  Most times the clues are a dead giveaway as to what product will be offered but the actual product is not revealed until the deal begins.

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