Deus Ex: Human Revolution First Look

Recently Platform Nation had the opportunity to get their hands on Deus Ex Human Revolution and we are here to share with you our first look into the game to the beginning credits, now don’t take this as a teaser as we will have plenty more coverage of the game for your reading pleasure in the upcoming week. Now on to the good stuff Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third installment of the Deus Ex series and is probably one of the most anticipated games of the year for those fans. As most of you probably know DEHR takes place 20 years prior to the first Deus Ex and the world is on the brink of disaster with widespread diseases, natural disasters and of course human augmentation.

You play as Adam Jensen a private security specialist for Sarif Industries and you are still fully human with no augmentations what so ever. For the most part you are walking through the lab with Dr. Megan Reed of Sarif Industries learning more about the going ons in the lab and the both of them are concerned with an upcoming meeting that is set to take place in Washington. As you are walking through the labs and making your way to David Sarif’s (Head of Sarif Industries) office you get to take in the entire lab but are unable to break away from the main course that is set forth by the game. As you progress through the lab you get the feeling of something else is going on here as you are told and reminded that the things that take place in the labs is well out of your league and understanding. Am I smelling a conspiracy here?

Prior to your meeting with David Sarif you meet Pritchard in the most untimely manner as you are learning more about Adam and Megan’s past history together. Pritchard serves as that smug computer specialist that is on your side but at times seems like his attitude out weighs his usefulness. After your brief introduction of Pritchard you are finally heading to the office of David Sarif and your meeting starts with the head of Sarif Industries, until things go bad and alarms start sounding and you make your way to Mr. Sarifs elevator to head off the bad guys. This is when you finally are able to control Adam instead of walking the linear path set for you by the game.

The next part is more of a tutorial as you will learn to crouch, take cover, pick up objects, sprint and of course how to shoot. The tutorials pop up and show you in video form how to complete each movement.  Now this whole section leading up to the opening credits you are incorporating all you have learned as you make your way to your human demise. But I must warn you this isn’t as easy as it sounds as you will die and you will die a lot. Crouching, sprinting and picking up objects and using things in the environment are easily done, but the cover system left me wanting just a little more from it. The enemies you face are smart and the cover system felt like I was uncovered more at times than I was taking cover and cover is what you will rely on in this game. The shooting is what you would expect from any great first person shooter, but cover was what I relied on as I progressed because even the health system relied on cover as you regenerate health through time and of course staying away from the flying bullets. This is not to say you will be taking cover the whole time as you make your way to the opening credits, but cover is essential.

Once I got used to everything and made my way through what I like to call the tutorial level this is when Adam faced his human demise as he is thrashed about by an augmented giant of a man and is beaten to the brink of death and this is when Sarif Industries makes Adam not just a new man but and augmented man, and the beginning credits roll. I would love to go and tell you more about what I seen but that is for another day (Thursday February 25th in fact).

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is not just going to be your first person shooter where you will run and gun to get past levels, DEHR will take you into Adam Jensen’s world and will be a treat for those returning fans and new fans alike of this action packed RPG.

Stay tuned for more Deus Ex: Human Revolution coverage and be sure to check out our Deus Ex Human Revolution coverage provided by Steven Artlip a few months ago to get up to speed.

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