Rift Pre-Order Details And Collectors Edition Details

The release of Rift is just around the corner, and we have pre-order details for both the standard and collectors editions. Available only at select retailers, the special edition includes the following exclusive items in addition to the game client DVD:

Exclusive in-game digital items:

  • Ancient Tartagon Mount: Available at level 20, this turtle mount increases player speed by 60%
  • Collector’s Satchel: Increases the size of your primary backpack to 24 slots
  • Bogling Wastrel: This unique pet sets you apart from the other Ascended

Exclusive in-box premium items:

  • 8GB USB Drive: Exclusive flash drive branded with the Rift logo
  • Official Rift Soundtrack: Featuring 17 epic tracks from acclaimed game composer Inon Zur
  • SteelSeries gaming mouse pad featuring detailed art of a blistering Fire Rift
  • Telara Chronicles Trade Hardcover: All five issues of the gripping graphic novel miniseries based on the Rift universe in one limited-edition hardbound book

Those who pre-order either the standard or Collector’s Edition of Rift will receive their choice of the following in-game pets: Cockatrice Chick, Deep One Spawnling or Hellhound Pup. Additionally, players who pre-purchase the game at select retailers will get one of the following exclusive weapon enchantments. Each rune grants your character +3 Endurance and protects against that element.

  • Blazing Sourcestone Rune (Steam): Fire touches your weapon, causing it to burst into flame. (+10 Fire Resist)
  • Crystalline Sourcestone Rune (Amazon): Earth touches you weapon, encasing it in crystal. (+10 Earth Resist)
  • Frozen Sourcestone Rune (Best Buy): Water touches your weapon, encasing it in frost. (+10 Water Resist)
  • Pulsing Sourcestone Rune (Direct2Drive): Life touches your weapon, causing it to pulse with life energy. (+10 Life Resist)
  • Shrouded Sourcestone Rune (Trion direct and all other 3rd party digital retailers): Death touches your weapon, shrouding it in darkness. (+10 Death Resist)
  • Swirling Sourcestone Rune (GameStop): Air touches your weapon, wreathing it in lightning (+10 Air Resist)

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