Almost Risk Free 3DS Trial Deal

The dawn of the 3DS is almost upon us and several companies are vying for our money.  If you are still on the fence about the 3DS then I have some information on an almost risk free way of trying it(Sorry US & Canada readers this is UK online)

The online arm of high street retailer Game is going above and beyond in an effort to separate you from your cash. Not only are they offering one of the cheapest prices online for a 3DS(£196.99) but they will also buy it back from you within a month for £189.99 store credit of £179.99 cold hard cash.

Considering trade in deals are usually awfully one sided towards the business this truly is one for the consumer and I applaud Game for t his move. It is not try before you buy but it’s pretty close and  I don’t mind paying £7 to try a 3DS for a month.

Congratulation game you have piqued my interest on something that I was going to avoid.

Pictures of the deal are below as is the link to purchase it. Please remember this is an ONLINE deal only, and you need to preorder the 3DS in order to qualify for it.

via: MCVUK,

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  • I think this is great because let’s face it a full 30 days we will know if we like it or not, and not for nothing this will open up a lower price on those that are returned after 30 days because I would assume they would have to be sold as used units.

    • my thoughts exactly Scott. I’ll wait 30 days and then walk into a Game store to see what price they are offering for used units

  • In the US so it doesn’t really concern me BUT I foresee some small detail- Units must be “like-new” status for the returns.

    Can you imagine using it with the fear of losing your voucher in the case of an accident or if a careless friend wanted to “see” it?

    I’d say read the fine print five times over and get back to me- that is if it concerned Americans.

    Cool idea, but a lot of loose ends.