Rift Cinematic Trailer

Want to know more about Rift, the MMORPG due to hit shelves on the 1st March?  Then you have came to the right place.  We have a three minute cinematic trailer for your viewing pleasure.  Remember to let us know your thoughts on the trailer in the comments section below.

Yesterday we also brought you the pre-order details as well as everything we know about the limited collectors edition.  If you missed those, then jump over to this link.

Created by renowned digital studio, Plastic Wax, the video immerses the viewer into the beautiful and besieged world of Telara. In a desperate attempt to shake two Defiant pursuers, a Guardian opens a planar tear hovering over Titan’s Rest in Telara’s Stonefield zone, unleashing an invasion from the lush and violent Plane of Life.

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