Angry Birds Tamed By SpaceWolves

Welsh animation outfit Griffilms’ new iPhone App, Space Wolves has topped the charts in Greece beating even the world renowned Angry Birds which has sold millions worldwide. “We are totally confounded by this but it’s a nice surprise” said creator Dylan Jones.

Space Wolves sees the player take control of Royston, cartoon space engineer and Werewolf Slayer. With the aid of his Angry-Bird-esque slingshot Royston has to rid each planetary stage of three pesky Space Wolves, collecting gold stars along the way. The current version boasts 32 levels with a further 32 planned for its next update. In a similar vein to its competitors, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, Space Wolves is a physics puzzler featuring cute cartoon characters, addictive gameplay and a plethora of levels to explore.

Dust settled on the battlefield a clear victor was standing crowned as conquerer atop the charts. Many thought this battle was going to be a long drawn out battle between fowl and four legged beast, came to a end in a relatively bloodless battle. Angry birds came out strong with sheer physics but Space Wolves retaliated with strong physics plus brute strength. Unfortunately for Angry Birds only one could stand a top the charts and like a ball the Space Wolves befell the giant with one quick motion. Rising to the top of the charts to reign supreme Space Wolves will sit at the top of the charts until another worthy opponent comes to contend for the title.

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