Heavy Rain Recut As A 165-Minute Movie

Have you played Heavy Rain? Oh, well, do you want to know what happens anyways? No, no, I won’t tell you; I’ll show you, albeit over the course of 165 minutes. But hey, that’s saving you over 500 minutes had you played it the old fashioned way!

This fan film comes from René Jacob who says he spent 120 hours over the course of four months splicing together the cutscenes from Heavy Rain. Being that Heavy Rain is, after all, a game, Jacob had to sparingly—if at all—use gameplay and relied more on weaving together the cutscenes into something more compelling as a feature-length film.

Jacob states he had to cut around plot holes in the story (though that wasn’t always possible) and really focus in on Ethan’s plot since, for the unaware, Heavy Rain actually centers around multiple main characters within an overarching story. This means he had to cut out most of the game’s prologue and interject those scenes as “memories” later on.

You can also view the movie in its original episodic format at Jacob’s YouTube channel if that’s more to your liking. Warning: either way you watch it, you will be sad. It’s not much of a stretch to say Heavy Rain is a downer.

via Kotaku, GamersGlobal.

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