Super Meat Boy Gets Bigger

For anyone who’s actually 100% completed Super Meat Boy, (which I can assure you is the minority of you out there) guess what? Grab your Super Stress Balls (highly recommended), because there’s more!

Released this past Monday, for Xbox Live Arcade are two bonus chapters in the XBLA exclusive “Teh Internets.”

First, in order to access these bonus levels you must have completed 40 levels from the original game, or have collected 15 bandages. This will open up “Teh Internets” which is where Team Meat has been posting new chapters quite consistently since launch.

I cannot say enough positive things about this game. It quite honestly is one of the finest platformer’s ever released of all time, and the amount of content and pure value you get from buying this is just incredible. Creator Edmund McMillen has said he will not charge for any bonus content, but it’ll keep coming. It’s just absolutely insane. If you have yet to play this glorious gem, please do yourself a favor and get hooked on one of last year’s best games.

The newest additions bring you Cramps, and Expert Remix. Cramps is the first user-generated level pack, and Expert Remix is the top 20 levels of the game with the difficulty ramped up. Let me tell you… just looking at some of these levels started to stress me out. This is gaming difficulty at its best. Ugh, it makes me sick just looking at the above screenshot.

Again, download this now. It adds more than enough value to an already perfect package, it’s painfully addicting, and best of all – free. Check out Platform Nation’s official review of the game here.

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