Dead Meets Lead Discount Announced

Just in case you haven’t quite had your fill of zombies yet, indie developer Keldyn Interactive may have something to quench your thirst for flesh and brains.

The Swedish company has announced pre-purchase discounts along with a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming zombie slashing game. Dead Meets Lead is a challenging action game that takes place during the 18th century and centers around a man known only as “The Captain”. Players must guide The Captain through the ill-infested Caribbean in order to fulfill his mission of total zombie obliteration. The gameplay trailer highlights a number of new features, including different types of weapons, bosses, and a display of their updated graphics.

As of right now, pre-purchases are only available through the company’s website and Desura. Keldyn did state,¬†however,¬†that the game will also be available on other digital distribution sites as well, such as Impuse and Gamer’s Gate. The discount is knocking 30% off the regular retail price, which will leave you with a little under ten bucks out of pocket.

Dead Meets Lead is scheduled for release later this year. In the meantime, watch the newest gameplay trailer below.

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