Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview

As most of you know Platform Nation was given the opportunity to play through the first couple of hours of the upcoming hit Deus Ex: Human Revolution and we are here to let you know what we saw and our thoughts of the game past the opening credits. But first a little background information about the game.

You play Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who’s been handpicked to oversee the defensive needs of one of America’s most experimental biotechnology firms. Your job is to safeguard company secrets, but when a black ops team breaks in and kills the very scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes

Badly wounded during the attack, you have no choice but to become mechanically augmented and you soon find yourself chasing down leads all over the world, never knowing who you can trust. At a time when scientific advancements are turning athletes, soldiers and spies into super enhanced beings, someone is working very hard to ensure mankind’s evolution follows a particular path.

You need to discover where that path lies. Because when all is said and done, the decisions you take, and the choices you make, will be the only things that can change it.

Now I am not going to spoil any of the plot for you but I am going to give you a look into some of the features that make Deus Ex: Human Revolution stand out from the traditional RPG or Sci-fi action adventure game you may be used to.

First up let’s touch on the graphics of the game.  The graphics in DEHR stand out above some of the best games out there.  The cut scenes do seem a little dated graphically but that does not show while playing the game.  The environment is constantly moving and the graphics keep up without the slightest hesitation.  After a couple of the cut scenes I was a little worried about the graphics in the game itself, but as I played on the graphics remained outstanding even with the different textures and fast movement of Adam Jensen.

Augmentations are next up because let’s face it you want to know all you can about the augmentations that will allow Adam Jensen be the best augmented man he can be.  Above is a picture of the Hack augmentation upgrade tree.  Now this is only one of the many augmentations available and as you proceed through the game this one will prove to be more than useful as you will not only be hacking locks but you will be hacking robots and cameras to keep you on your path as you find you way through this non-linear game.  Hacking is just one of those mini-games added that prove to be fun and also allow you progress further into the story or even find that secret path.  Below is another augmentation that may prove to be worthy(not they all aren’t) and that is strength, because let’s face it we all love to overpower of foes.

Here are some of the other augmentations to keep an eye out for (we will not be listing them all because we can’t spoil everything):

Icarus Landing System
Smart Vision
Retinal Prosthesis
Social Enhancer
Comm Link
Cloak Aug

Now that you are running rampant with all these cool augs you will need some cool weapons right?  Well of course you do and here is some of the weapons you will find while making your way through the game.

Revolver – The Diamond Back .357
Rocket Launcher
Kaiga 5.56mm M404 Heavy Rifle
Remote Explosives
Grenade Launcher
The Widowmaker TX Shotgun
The XH11 Crossbow
Sniper Rifle

In the beginning as you are being briefed by David Sarif (a little more about the beginning is below)after you have become the new augmented man that you are, and you are allowed to choose between a stealth weapon or go in guns a blazing you will also be able to pick a long ranged weapon or something a little different if you want to get up close and personal. This will not effect the gameplay down the road which ever way you choose to go in as I used a variety of weapons to get the job done and played both stealth and run and gun but being stealthy seemed to be the way to go.

Now that you are strapped an have a few augmentations to help you along I am going to add some tid bits for you.  Like I said before I will not spoil the plot for you but I will tell you to talk to everyone.  If I found one thing that I thought was great every time I would start a dialogue with other characters in the game they all had a different answer.  This was great in away because even if I started talking to someone that was not part of helping me advancing in the game I did not have to hear the same saying over and over again like we find in some games.

The other great part I thought is the there will be different paths you can take and that leads back to being stealthy or shooting everyone in sight.  The vast world you get to explore is amazing and I suggest opening every door you can from a door leading to a supply closet to door to a locker, there are goodies spread out throughout the environment.  This is to include not only ammunition but that occasional beer for your drinking pleasure, but don’t drink too many as you will become dizzy and have some blurry vision to watch out for.

Now onto something you find a little more interesting and that is setting the stage for you.  You return to Sarif’s Industries 6 months after where we last left off and are you free to roam about but you must join Mr. Sarif on the helipad to take care of a situation that has arisen in a remote facility.  But before you head out to take care of business you have to see your old friend Pritchard for some adjustments. You than set off and Pritchard will lead you through the story via two way helping you progress and guiding you where you should go next.  Some Deus Ex fans will notice some of the things added in their for them from Jensen checking out the ladies room (of course I went in I had to make sure I wasn’t missing a crucial part of the story right?) to the password for the elevator in the opening credits.

You than set off in a helicopter (after exploring in which I suggest as there is no time frame to get to the helipad but there will be a consequence) and this is when you will get some of the background information and the description of your mission at hand as your primary objective is to regain control of the Typhoon prototype and your secondary objective is to rescue the five scientists that are being held hostage.  (Human life a second choice?)  ***Here is a spoiler so stop reading if you do not want to see what will happen if you explore too long.  So you are exploring finding your way around Sarif Industries and you didn’t get to the helipad right away no big deal right?  Wrong if you take too long your secondary objective is now not available as all the hostages are now dead.***

You are also told of who you are after.  Zeke Sander is a non-augmented veteran that has lost his eye in combat and reenlisted so he would be able to get his cybernetic eye free from the military, but his eye was giving him some trouble as Zeke thought the eye was was driving him to do terrible things in the war and had it removed.  But this can’t be the man from the beginning as the man that thrashed Adam around was a augmented man and Zeke was not.  Or was he? As you talk to a SWAT member later on and he says Zeke was augmented at one time.

Before the helicopter lands that is when you are given the choice to go in lethal or not (once again your choice but you can still pick up other types of weapons)

This is when the action starts as the helicopter lands and you bring all of the core mechanics of the game into play.  We were given 6 Praxis-Points (Your Level-up points system) to start off with,you will not receive  these points right away as a new player of the game we were given those to check out the augmentations a little bit faster than earning them so we could get a feel for the augs.

As the mission ends and you have made your way to Zeke Sanders here is where you make some crucial decisions about what is about to happen next, will you be the intelligent one and try to talk you way out of the situation you are faced with?  Will you use brute force and try to take Zeke out with a massive blow, or will you go for that perfect headshot?  Each one of these will lead to a different result but that will bring an end to that mission as you set off to you next objective.

The game will lead you in different directions and like I said earlier the path is your own.  You must choose who to talk to people, remain in the shadows, hack every computer and turret you see or just find a different path.  The one thing DEHR will provide for each one of us is a different type of gameplay and a lot of action, so depending on your type of game you like to play you can make Deus Ex: Human Revolution your own.

Some key features of Deus Ex: Human Revolution:

    Regenerating Health (no need to scrounge for health packs)
    Close Quarter take downs, take you out of first person and places you as third person
    Augmentations (Need I say more!)
    RPG and Action game meet up and placed in one package for us

Some things I would like to see different:

    Cover system. I would like to see a little better, covering at times seemed like a chore
    That is it! This is going to be a great game for returning Deus Ex fans and new ones alike.

Be sure to checkout the Deus Ex website to stay up to date with all things Deus Ex.

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