MyGamercard.Net Shut Down – Blames Microsoft

Today, many website and signature line gamercards will be replaced with the following epitaph graphic.

It links to a rather lengthy statement from Morgon, the site owner, in which he details the history of difficulties with Microsoft and the access to gamer data.  Among his comments he makes it clear that Microsoft put the final nail in the website’s coffin.

“However, in the past few years, that love for community has been lost by Microsoft. The closure of customer-to-company community-centric interfaces (that weren’t tech support (no disrespect towards the awesome @XboxSupport!)) was a huge blow for Xbox fans. Especially those who really felt like they had a connection to the company they were spending their disposable income on. Similarly, the Xbox Community Developer Program – the program that was essentially created for MyGamerCard and a select few similarly broad-minded community projects – stagnated, with extremely few updates or new data features (despite constant requests), and waning communication as Xbox was not allocating any time to the program.”

If you have comments, suggestions or questions, Morgon has provided contact info on  Feel free to raise hell here also.

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  • No Way! Microsoft. I have been a long term member of

  • Paul Simister (Simiad)

    That’s a real shame. Almost everyone who owns an xbox and uses forums has one of those 🙁

  • It started with them dissolving the team over at Gamerscoreblog and has continued with the loss of things like showing the Community Playdate on the Xbox Dashboard and the loss of Trixie. I fear for the day that sites like 360Voice and Raptr are affected. It just goes to show that Microsoft obviously feels like their community efforts have served their purpose and they are moving on. The community oriented Xbox person we have left is Major Nelson, and he’s nothing more than a mouthpiece. It’s sad.

  • Dead box 102

    I would hate for 360voice to be affected. I enjoy the challenges and put up (like right now) prizes on that site.