Pre-Order Homefront Get An OnLive Console

This was just passed to me and I wanted to pass this great deal to you all. OnLive is having a great deal right now where if you pre-order Homefront from them you will not only get a OnLive console for free but you will also get Metro 2033. That’s one amazing bargin right there and it is a great way to to experience what OnLive has to offer. Here is all the info directly from the source:

Following are details:

  • OnLive members who pre-order Homefront between Feb. 25 and March 14 will receive a free OnLive Game System ($99 value; while supplies last) …
  • …AND free immediate access to another THQ futuristic thrill ride, Metro 2033.

How it works:

Players can sign up for the OnLive Game Service free at From the service, they can pre-order Homefront, which will be available through OnLive the moment it is released on all other platforms on March 15, 2011. Upon completion of a pre-order, the member will receive an email containing a promotional code enabling the purchase of a Full PlayPass to Metro 2033 immediately free of charge. When Homefront launches, the member will receive a promotional code for a full $99 discount on the OnLive Game System and will need only to pay applicable taxes and shipping fees.

For anyone that is remotely interested in OnLive, this is really a great deal and really worth checking out. Personally I really think that OnLive can become the future of gaming for is ease of use, the low costs of the system and it’s PlayPack subscription where you get unlimited gaming for only $9.99 a month. As more and more games make their way to OnLive their service just keeps getting better and better looking.

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  • Mark Lucia (Ionvein)

    This is great news, I’ve had an OnLive account for a while now and was interesting in their system but wasn’t 100% sure on actually buying it. Great post, thank you.