New PullList App From Comixology

As the comic book industry moves into the future, digital comics will play a bigger and bigger role. Obviously this worries comic book shops. Comic shops have been the life blood of the industry for years. Publishers don’t want to turn their backs on the retail stores that have kept them in business. Fortunately, it seems that many digital comic providers also want to work with and help brick and mortar shops. Comixology proved this by making their great PullList app for iOS devices free.

PullList is a must have for any Wednesday Warriors out there that go to their local comic book shop every week for their comics. Here is a list of some of the great things about PullList.

– See what comics came out last week, are coming this week, and will come next week.
– Make a pull list of comics you want to buy
– If your comic shop participates, you can send your pull list right to the shop.
– Preview pages of lots of comics coming out
– Find new comics by seeing what other people have pulled
– Store locator
– Comixology news and articles
– Comixology podcast

My favorite part of PullList is the preview pages. I tried PullList on both an iPhone and an iPad. Surprisingly, despite the app being built for the smaller iOS devices, preview pages looked great on my iPad. I love being able to look at the art of a book before getting it. With the previews I can get an idea of the book before even getting to the store.

Another stand out feature for the app is the ability to send your pull list to your local comic book shop. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try this out first hand since my shop isn’t offering it. It would be great to have them hold any books I want to get that week by simply sending them my pull list through the app; especially if I couldn’t get there on Wednesday. The pull list even adds up how much money you are going to spend on your comics. I imagine retailers like the pull list too because it allows them to gauge interest in their books.

Hopefully even some of you non comic readers will try the app out. You don’t want to walk into a shop, seeing thousands of comics, and try to find one or two that look good? PullList is really easy to use and it will let you see all of the different comics that come out each week. The comic shop locator will let you see any shops around you, show you their phone number, and will even give you directions.

One function I would like is to search. On the PullList App Store page it says they are working on a search function so hopefully it comes soon. With big movies like Thor, Green Lantern, and Captain America coming out I’m guessing some casual comic readers will want to read those character’s books. Also, I couldn’t find writer or artist credits for comics on the app. This is more important than even the title of the book for some comic readers so that information should be there.

I wish I had this app when I had a comic shop 5 minutes from me. It is so easy to forget a book you wanted to pick up. PullList is by far the most comprehensive pull list app I have used. There is so much packed into it. If you go to the comic shop every week you should definitely try out PullList.

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