Nintendo 3DS Hacked Already?

Despite the fact that the Nintendo 3DS only just came out yesterday, hackers have already created a tool to allow for R4 piracy cartridges to run on the 3DS. Although this won’t allow for 3DS titles to be hacked, regular DS titles that are already imported on to these illegal chips can now be played on the 3DS. This whole recent wave of piracy of major titles, such as Crysis 2 and Killzone 3, as well as hacking of major consoles such as the PS3 is really not right at all. It’s one thing for people to pirate music, as artists have alternative means of generating revenue such as touring, selling promotional paraphernalia or using the Trent Reznor business model to distribute music digitally. However, major console and PC games that aren’t released via the free-to-play social gaming model believe it or not, actually rely on consumer funding in order to continue making great games. If you want to destroy console gaming and live in a world where Facebook and social media gaming reigns supreme, then go ahead and pirate games. Facebook game already generate more revenue and will only continue to expand, so pirating mainstream titles will only serve to undo the companies revenue stream. In other words, you want a PS4? Stop pirating games.

I don’t mean to moralize, but if I have to in order to get my point across then I will. It’s really just simple logistics, ‘you no pay for game, game company no make no more games.’ Condescending? A little. Serious? A lot.

Anyway, you can check out the video to see just how the hackers over at R4 were able to perform this hack.

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  • Lets try and understand this concept for a second.
    Most people who pirate media usually would never buy the media in the first place. I like alot of music, probably over 300 bands worth. Am I really going to spend $10,000+ to acquire all that music. I would probably just suffer without it, or tune into Youtube and listen to it for free.
    Its hard to explain, but if piracy never existed, there would still be a demographic that would NOT pay for media regardless, because of expense in quantity and all other lifes other little expenses that are seemingly more important than blasting that legally purchased copy of Kanye West in your rusted out beater.
    For people that never would have even thought about buying the content in the first place, how is that sort of piracy hurting anything? The $0 dollars that they would have paid in the first place is now being allocated to downloading a copy for the same price? Like really?
    Automatic updates for all consoles nowadays are killing most of whatever is out there in terms of hardmods. In other words, my PS3 go bye bye looks like I have to buy another. I have no fear that there will not be PS4.

    • Daniel Horowitz (HavenDan)

      As I stated, I definitely agree this is the case for the music industry, but not for the game industry. Musical artists generate most of their money from merchandise and touring, and nowadays many release their tracks as digital downloads anyway. I’ll be the first to admit that the vast majority of my 8.5 GB of music is mostly pirated.

      But where I do think that piracy is an issue is in game development. Games don’t get tours or merchandise that generate any revenue, sales of games directly impact the making of future games. This is why so many mainstream companies have turned to making casual Facebook games. In fact, Insomniac Games just opened a Facebook division. These games are not pirateble, as they generate their revenue through items purchased in game.

      I really don’t think that most people pirate games as they pirate music, as it’s pretty involved process that involves getting external equipment, that most gamers wouldn’t bother with because it’s a hassle. Trust me, I’ve heard your argument before but I don’t think it applies to game developers. You may not spend the $10,000+ on all the music you own, but you would spend the $50-60 on the new game you just pirated, as you’re really going out of your way to pirate it.