Patapon 3 Price And Release Date Announced

Gather round gamers as Sony have revealed both the release and price of Patapon 3! It seems almost a year since the last Patapon game (Patapon 2) graced the PSP and now on April 12th, Patapon are back and shall battle against ‘evil spirits’ as you command them via magical instruments. For those unfamiliar with the Patapon franchise, the game mechanic used in Patapon is simple, you perform a battle tune using drums in order to achieve a command e.g. Attack, Defend and so on… The Patapon tribe that you guide on their journey through the land and battling foes consists of little eyeball-like warriors who appear in various shapes often bearing ancient weapons.

In the first Patapon game, you helped the Patapon grow in numbers and in strength by mastering several magical drums. I found it very enjoyable, inventive and strangely addictive, Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon! In Patapon 2 new Heroes were introduced and new locations such as Patapolis which allowed for deeper and more intense battles. In Patapon 3, you are called upon again to guide the Patapon and help them defeat this new evil which they accidentally unleashed onto the land. Here is a trailer for Patapon 3. Enjoy.

“Available as both UMD disc and PSP PSN download, this fantastic new adventure with new weapons, new levels, new characters and new online multiplayer adventures can go home with you for the pocket friendly price of $19.99 USD.

April 12, your PSP will sing the hypnotizing battle cry we’ve all grown to love: Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon!”

I am really excited about this game and I can’t wait to experience it when it lands in store this April.

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  • im excited to play the patapon 3!!