500, 000 Hunters Strong

TheHunter, the online PC hunting game acclaimed for its realism and vast hunting environments has now more than 500 000 registered players, announced Expansive Worlds, developer and publisher of the game.

“We’re proud to have reached this milestone together with our extremely dedicated community of players” said Stefan Pettersson, CEO at Expansive Worlds. “This is just the beginning, this year will bring the most extensive additions to the game yet as well as exciting partnerships with the hunting industry.”

Since debuting in 2009, theHunter has been continuously developed with new content and features added on a regular basis. The game is free to play with additional content available through membership or purchases using virtual currency.

For further information and to play the game, please visit the game’s official website at


Ever wanted to feel the thrill of the hunt but the thought of actually stepping foot into the woods terrifies you say hello to The Hunter online. Will you become one of the more then 500, 000 players that have so to say bitten the bullet? Originally in 2009 when I first tried the game I did not find much enjoyment in what they had to offer. Now with some time behind the title it would be nice to see how things have changed with some patches and fixes.

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