File Under W For Weird Part 2

Gamers continue to amaze me at so many levels with either the feats they are achieving or how they are making a name for themselves. Then there are those gamers that I am ashamed to lump in with other gamers. Ever been so hungry your Playstation Portable sounded like a good deep fried treat? Well if you said no then I am sure you are not alone, my hopes are most people would never even let the idea cross their mind. Unfortunately some brave (or incredibly stupid) soul tried just that. Now in any way I don’t condone this just think of all the plastic and electronics that are put in this to make them function. Sure I have heard of cakes being shaped like controllers and systems never did a day come I thought a gaming system would be looked at as a snack. Guess we again File This Under W For Weird

!!Please never try this at home!!! Also annoying laugh warning


Via: Dvice

Now only if we could understand what he was saying we could maybe understand his mindset behind the crazy stunt. Did he love his PSP so much he wanted it to be a part of him or did he wan’t to take a bite out of it in anger maybe he just wanted to see if it tasted as awesome as the games he played on it.

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