Free Speech Doesn’t Come Free

EA was asked to put a muzzle on Bulletstorm recently due to so called vulgar language that was upsetting some. Bulletstorm is far from the worse game out on the shelf but it has been backed into a corner. When does the censorship end for customers even the ones that are of the age to purchase such a game? Was the ERSB not set in place to protect consumers that are under age but parents still purchase the game. It is a sad day when EA has to back down on a creative venture just to make a sale. So much for the thought of freedom of Speech.

Today, Steve Wordsmith, one of the creative writing minds behind Bulletstorm, released this apology.

After getting countless complaints about the sexual nature in Bulletstorm, we finally had to do something about it. I personally had no idea how dirty people’s minds really  were. It’s quite sad to see your work get changed like this, but after all the negative attention about this game, EA pretty much forced us to make the words more kid friendly. I’m baffled. I spent some quality time coming up with words that fit the action on screen. How can people associate words like “topless,” “rear entry,” or “gag reflex” as something dirty? These words have very clear intent on the happenings on the screen.

Topless for example, happens when you successfully cut an enemy in half. What else was I supposed to put there that would be precise to the player? If you look at the bottom half of the dead enemy, you can clearly see he’s missing his top half, ergo the term topless. Rear entry is talking about shooting a guy in the back. The terminology seemed to be basic knowledge to me. People have both a front side, and a back side, which can also be called the rear.

The one that annoys me the most is gag reflex. You must have a really sick mind to think gag reflex is sexual. Ever take a bite of food to big and start choking? Ever throw up before? You can thank your gag reflex for that. Honestly, to even think that any of these things have a sexual nature, you got to have a really dirty mind to begin with. Sadly it looks like people who won’t even play this game have the dirtiest minds, and EA has forced us to change the names into something more kid friendly.

EA announced that a patch to make the words more kid friendly will go live sometime next week after it goes through Microsoft and Sony certification. Some of the changes were provided in the press release.

  • Topless will be changed to Pull Yourself Together.
  • Rear Entry will be changed to Look Out Behind You!
  • Gag Reflex will be changed to Choke on That!
  • Double Penetration will be changed to Two Guns, One Dead Body.

Look for the full list of changes when the patch goes live next week.

Via: Sarcastic Gamer

***This appeared on Sarcastic Gamers site as part of their Fiction Friday, so don’t worry all your favorite one liners will still be in Bulletstorm and if the language is too much for you remember you can turn it off in the main menu***

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  • What. The. Fuck.

    The God damned game is fucking rated M, choke on it till your gag reflex kicks in EA, and grow some mother fucking balls!

  • Lol just DONT INSTALL THE PATCH, online sux on this game anyways, and if u do download the patch delete all Bulletstorm related stuff from console, go offline and install the game

  • Choke on That is more sexually suggestive than Gag Reflex. People are overreacting.

  • This is the beginning of what could possibly become a very bad trend.