Gaming Confessions: Collectables

I am sucker for a “collectable” item. It’s a trait I know I have and I hate myself because of it. I have bought countless items at a premium simply because of some awful shiny thing.

Thankfully, I have weaned myself of this over the years and no longer instantly buy something (Thanks in no small part to the plastic Simpsons Series box sets priced at £50) but I still get suckered in even if I had no real interest in the product in general.

I have several purchases which I later regretted as well as several near misses. Some prominent examples that come to mind are the Lost Seasons 1-4 box set that was an actual wooden crate. It’s worth noting that I hadn’t actually seen a single episode of Lost at that time, nor have I seen an episode since but because I liked the look of the box I had to stop myself from buying it (I actually still regret that my wallet won this fight)

Another example is the Planet of the Apes Collectors edition. Again I had never seen a single movie and haven’t seen one but I was really tempted to buy this. Although no one can deny that this is a pretty good looking collectable:

DVDs are the only collectors edition that I spend and/or waste (I’ll let you judge) my money on. I purchased the collectors edition of Halo 3 even though I hadn’t even played let alone complete Halo 2, I was even tempted by the edition that offered a replica Master Chief helmet. Fallout 3 is another example, I only had a passing interest in the franchise but upon seeing the lunch box my money seemed to just fly out of my wallet and onto the checkout.

I should be grateful though, for the most part the collectors editions that I do end up buying usually offer some actual physical content that is worth owning (apart from the Simpsons box sets, which feel cheap and in some cases have damaged/scratched disks due to insufficient packaging) I don’t mind paying a little extra for a little extra. Where else could I buy a Pip-Boy bobble-head? Or a Fallout lunch box?  When the extras aren’t real, that is when it is game content I am less inclined to pay. I want something tangible for my money. On a related note, Bioware and EA Please release something for Mass Effect 3. The Mass Effect 2 collector’s edition was good but poorly implemented. End the trilogy on a high. I would gladly shell out £100 possibly even more for an ultimate edition. A few examples that I would be happy paying for:

  • A scale model of the Normandy
  • A replica helmet(either Tali or the generic N7 Helmet)
  • A replica gun.
  • A model of the Citadel or the Mass Relay.
  • Do a Pokémon and offer separate editions which each have their own character specific content(Tali, Liara, Grunt etc)
  • All of the above

It’s amazing, another confession where I completely contradict myself. I complain about being a sucker for a collectable yet I beg for more. I need help.

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  • Hey Stu,

    Just want to let you know I thoroughly enjoy your Gamer Confessions. Keep up the good work n Keep the confessions coming. They are appreciated.