2011 Academy Award Results

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards are just coming to an end, and the winners are celebrating and the losers… well, they’re still probably having a great time.

For any P*N movie lovers out there, you’ll probably have just spent the last few hours watching the Oscar’s, but for everyone like me who was unable to or for those who simply don’t care, I will condense the evening for you into one simple post.

This year was one of the tightest races in my opinion. It was a very strong year for movies in general, and it almost felt like everyone deserved to win something. Black Swan had been riding waves of success at almost every award show leading up to the Oscar’s, but could it continue its domination against the two juggernauts of The King’s Speech and The Social Network? Let’s find out…

As usual the night kicked off with some of the less popular awards to the average joe, so I won’t spend much time talking about those. But luckily we had fan favorites such as Inception clean up quite a bit, which hopefully makes up for its lack of any luster for any of the bigger awards. Inception picked up best visual effects, sound mixing, sound editing, and cinematography. I was very pleased to see Trent Reznor take home the Oscar for best original score, as I thought his work in The Social Network was superb despite my love for Hans Zimmer.

We then saw The Social Network continue to win a few more with best film editing and best adapted screenplay. In the opposite end of the corner we saw this year’s Academy favorite, “The King’s Speech” take the winnings for best original screenplay.

Though there wasn’t much competition in the category of only three nominees for best animated feature, we saw Toy Story 3 win for that category. Though How To Train Your Dragon was very popular as well.

Somewhere in the mix Christian Bale won for one of my personal favorite performances of all time in The Fighter. Melissa Leo got her golden statue for her work also in The Fighter.

Next we saw the very predictable winners of Natalie Portman and Colin Firth for their performances in Black Swan and The King’s Speech.

Lastly, the moment everyone was waiting for. Who would take home the coveted Best Picture award? We had ten strong nominees, but after seeing the same film take home all the major awards it was no surprise to see the dramatic, and superbly acted King’s Speech win.

Say what you must, not everyone can win. But you’ll have a full year to fight over the decisions made at this year’s awards until you get to do it all over again next year. If you’ve yet to see any of the nominated flicks, do yourself a favor and check all of them out. It was a very strong year all around.

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  • really…True grit got nothing? best movie in my opinion