2K Australia Head Resigns During XCOM Development

Joystiq took notice of what “Internet-sleuthing” specialist @supererogatory discovered via LinkedIn: Martin Slater, studio director of 2K Australia, resigned earlier this month which, for those keeping track, is right smack dab in the middle of development of 2K’s XCOM reboot.

Joystiq also managed to get a hold of a 2K spokesperson who said “while we can confirm that Martin Slater is no longer with the studio, there have been no changes to the way in which XCOM is being developed,” a statement to ostensibly counter the rumor that the game’s development had undergone serious changes since its announcement. The spokesperson goes on to say “the project continues to involve strong collaboration between our California and Australia locations and continues to be led by creative director Jonathan Pelling.”

I’m not sure how much water a spokesperson’s words holds considering their job is primarily to mitigate damage and wrangle in control over the inevitable chaos, but I sure hope this one is truthful. The trailer from last year really excited me. I guess only time will tell.

via Joystiq.

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