Interview With Narrative Designer And Lead Writer For Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Just when you thought you wouldn’t be getting any more information about Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we are here to bring you an interview with Mary DeMarle Narrative Designer and Lead Writer for the upcoming hit Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  Mary was kind enough to answer some questions we had and we are here to pass them along to you.

Maybe you have some other questions you may want answered?  If so let us know and we will make all attempts to get an answer for you.  So without further ado here is the interview in it’s entirety.

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Mary DeMarle. I am the Narrative Designer and Lead Writer on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Basically, being the Narrative Designer means it’s my job to come up with the story of the game and then work with the game designers, level designers, programmers, artists, and sound team to make sure the story gets implemented correctly in all of their work. As Lead Writer, it’s my job to both write a lot of the story dialogs and in-game texts, as well as oversee a team of very talented freelance writers who are doing the same thing.

Why the name Human Revolution?

The title was chosen because of its multiple layers of meaning. Story-wise, we’re dealing with a time when advances in biotechnology are allowing people to fundamentally change their physical makeup — they’re redefining what it means to be human. So on that level, the merging of science, technology, and biology represents a true revolution of the Human species. At the same time, a lot of people in the game are worried about (and emphatically objecting to) this kind of tampering. Society is divided over the ethical and moral ramifications of allowing corporations to freely experiment with human DNA, and some of the people objecting have turned to violence to express themselves.

Will Augmentations be permanent once we upgrade them(will we be able to downgrade them and use the Praxis points elsewhere)

Once you’ve acquired an Augmentation, it is permanent — so no, you cannot downgrade one after purchasing it to reacquire Praxis Points that you’ve already spent. In this way, the augmentations underscore the game’s choice and consequences philosophy: there are a lot of them to choose from over the course of the game, but you cannot acquire all of them in any single play-through.

How Many weapons will be available throughout the game? How many “special or hidden weapons”?

I’m not sure of the exact number — but I know there are lots of them. Every weapon is upgradeable, as well, and some have special upgrades that can be found throughout the game. There are also a few rare and unique weapons that have been hidden in maps which might be difficult to find if you don’t explore beyond the critical path.

How many endings will be possible in the game?

At this time we aren’t talking specific about the end of the game or how many variants there may be on the ending, but stay tuned for more details soon.

What difference if any from the Xbox 360 version and the PlayStation 3 version?

There’s no real difference that I’m aware of.

How large will Adam’s inventory be and will we be able to upgrade to have more storage?

The inventory is an integral part of the game’s resource management philosophy: Adam starts the game with a specific inventory size, but this size can be upgraded over the course of the game through the augmentation system. That is, if you decide to spend Praxis Points upgrading Adam’s cybernetic arms, and cater those upgrades specifically to his carrying capacity (strength), the inventory can grow to at least twice its original size.

With such a large game how hard was it to make the environment so interactive, ie.moving objects to launching boxes at your enemy?

I’m afraid I’m not the best person to answer this question, because it’s really a challenge for the programmers, artists, and level designers to face. There’s a lot of balancing that needs to be done to make sure everything works well in terms of environments, layouts, and gameplay. I can say though, that it is definitely a big one!

Thanks Mary!

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  • so once you finish the game, do you keep previous augmentations for the next play through?

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