Live Action Killzone Short Film

I’m honestly not too hot on Killzone 3 right now. While I loved how it started and the multiplayer, the end of the campaign just puts a horribly sour aftertaste in my mouth. There are just so many turret sequences I had to literally force myself to finish it before giving up all hope.

However, this independent short from pwnisher is more than enough to restore my faith in the Killzone universe. It may not be official or anything, but after watching these five and a half minutes of ISA-on-Helghast action, I think I can go back to at least play the Killzone 3 multiplayer some more.

And is it just me, or do the Helghast in this movie take like 20 less shots to kill than in the game? I mean, god dang, some of those Higs became straight up bullet sponges towards the end.


via @PlayStation and @kc_chang.

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