Call of Duty Content Could Go Free

I apologize for the cheap attention grabbing headline, as this is a bit of a non story but it is worth keeping track of where rumours come from.

Michael Pachter, the analyst who predicted that Activision would start to charge to play multi-player  in the Call of Duty franchise has now changed his mind(I’m sure being proved wrong multiple times has nothing to do with his change of heart)  Pachter is now saying that Activision will not charge for multi-player as long as they can maintain sales of 20Million units every year.  Which is a good way of saying he was wrong without actually saying it.

The best part of this is still to come, not only is Pacther claiming that Activision won’t charge for multi-player but that Beachhead may offer free premium content in order to further establish the brand as the market leader.

Please forgive me if I take this latest prediction with a grain of salt but I doubt that anything like this will happen.

via CVG

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  • MV

    I said this in the beginning: in order to establish a Call of Duty subscription service and “monetize” (Pachter, they “monetize” it already by selling millions of map packs) the multiplayer features, they would need to:

    1.) Develop an online service that could handle the millions of users who play Call of Duty.
    2.)Abandon the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii (let’s leave the DS versions out of this discussion as it doesn’t matter) versions of the franchise titles (none of these companies would EVER let Activision charge an additional fee through their services).

    This would result in:

    1.)Alienating their core fanbase, i.e. Call of Duty players who play the game on their Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Wii, which is who the VAST majority of their sales come from.
    2.)Not many people signing up for the subscription(PC sales are very low when compared to the console versions, and only hardcore PC gamers have machines that will run the latest iterations of Call of Duty, not to mention it would be yet another monthly bill. What price would it have been? Couldn’t be more than $8.99, as it would be very hard to convince people a month’s worth of Call of Duty is worth as much as a month of streaming Netflix.)

    How Pachter, as an actual paid analyst, ever thought this would work absolutely boggles my mind. It was one of the most ridiculous proposals I’ve ever read, and no one ever even laid out the points I mentioned above to counter it (from what I read).

    Loosemore, a better headline would’ve been “Pachter was wrong about Call of Duty.” I’m sure lots of people would read it since lots of people read all the articles about this proposal in the first place.

  • MV

    Even funnier is the new line “they won’t charge AS LONG AS they can maintain sales of 20 million units every year.” (emphasis added) So by that logic, once they fail to maintain sales of 20 million units annually, INDICATING THAT INTEREST IN THE PRODUCT IS DWINDLING, it is THEN that they should launch a subscription service? Geez Pachter, can I get a job for Wedbush Morgan too? Oh wait, looks like I’ve got too much common sense…