Flick Buddies Version 2.0 Review (iPad)

Game Review: Flick Buddies HD
Release: Dec 10, 2010
Developer: Bane Games
MSRP: $1.99
Rating: 9+
Version: 2.0
Size: 20.9 MB

You may remember a few months ago I reviewed Flick Buddies HD. While it was basic in form and lacking a few features, it has a new update which brings more features. And it’s awesome!

The 2.0 update is free for existing owners of Flick Buddies HD and brings a slew of new features like;

  • Game Center Support! Earn achievements and justify your existence!
  • More multi-player mayhem plus single player only ‘Challenge’ levels
  • Over a dozen new levels to explore and conquer
  • Two new game modes! Say whaaaaat?!
  • Three new ‘Prison’ Buddies and a brand new ‘Correctional Institution’ environment
  • Improved AI. Now even more challenging!
  • New goal scoring systems for added fun!

The most important feature(s) in the update is the addition of two new games mode; Challenge and Teams.

Challenge mode gives you a score to obtain by hitting targets and sometimes the targets are moving. This mode was my favourite. The simplistic nature of hitting targets to obtain a certain score in order to unlock more levels – made sense and made me replay the levels over and over again to try and beat my score.

Teams mode, or versus, pits your and another local human or an AI player against each to hit targets and get a higher score than your opponent. The first thing I noticed about this mode was the AI, it was a bit too ‘challenging’ for my liking. It was very fast and almost overpowering.

Andrew’s final say: Overall this new update is awesome. You get two new game modes, more levels and Game Center support. Also, it’s free. But, the only thing the update didn’t have was online play via Game Center. It seems like a no-brainer for this type of game. I guess we will have to hope it comes in future updates.


*Authors Note* If you think this review is lacking in content, I was only reviewing the contents of the 2.0 update. If you like, you can check out my review for the full game here.

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