“inFAMOUS 2” Charges Up To Infinity And Beyond

The first inFAMOUS title was easily one of the better PlayStation 3 exclusives. Still, when you beat the game, there wasn’t much else to do, other than finish missions and collect items. Sucker Punch Productions have decided that this must not have been a small annoyance, and have instead decided to make the sequel limitless. Players will have the option to create and play user-created missions, ranging from stealth and escort to defense and platforming.

On top of this User-Generated Content being ready to play with on launch day, a limited public beta will be launched in early April. On March 14th, they’ll announce how to sign up for it. Additionally, a launch trailer covers more of the concept.

This definitely improved my interest in the game. The original is, to date, one of the few PlayStation 3 titles I’ve beaten.

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