Super Meat Boy “Ultra Edition” Announced

Word just came out of GDC that Team Meat member Edmund McMillen just announced an ‘Ultra Edition’ of Super Meat Boy that will retail in April. This makes sense, given that according to a recent tweet by Team Meat, Super Meat Boy sold over 400,000 copies on Steam alone, far outselling its XBLA counterpart. This new ‘Ultra Edition’ would replace the previously announced Wii title, which has been delayed indefinitely. According to a developer blog post by Team Meat, this new edition will, along with the game that has been distributed via Steam also feature special features such as behind the scenes videos, design sketches, illustrations and never before scene cutting room floor characters and art. The game will retail for around $20-$25 and will also feature this amazing cover art featured below by artist Dave Rapoza, who really did a great job in capturing the gritty 90’s action spirit.

As far as my personal experience with the game, I received it as a Holiday gift from my childhood friend and promptly played the shit out of it. However, I am still not past the third boss and I certainty had a penchant for going into uber bitch mode and using Captain Video to complete levels that I was unable to beat as Meat Boy. I don’t think this special edition will really appeal to anyone who already owns the game, as it’s like buying the special edition of a DVD, but if you’re a real collector or you haven’t played Super Meat Boy before, then this one is definitely for you.

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